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Carl's Lawn Maintenance

Serving Commercial and Residential Customers in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, Wisconsin.

About The Owner

I started my lawn care career when I was 15 years old. My brother and I started doing side jobs for friends and neighbors to earn a little extra money. Within a few years, my brother moved on to other projects, but I still enjoyed it so I kept going on my own.

As word about my quality service and dependability spread, I started acquiring a steady flow of regular customers. I soon came to realize that I had the opportunity to turn this part-time hobby into a full time career.

So in 1992 I established Carl’s Lawn Maintenance and started investing in larger scale lawn care equipment. Soon after I purchased a plow and a salt truck and added snow removal to my service offerings. Today I continue to offer lawn maintenance and snow removal as well as many other services to commercial and residential customers in the Milwaukee and Waukesha county area.

So if you’re considering hiring a professional to care for your landscape and snow removal needs, give Carl’s Lawn Maintenance a call at 262-364-8283. You’ll be glad you did!


(262) 364-8283  -   Carl@carlslawn.com

Lawn Care

A well-maintained lawn is a healthy lawn. But with today’s busy lifestyles who has the time to keep up with the regular maintenance their lawns require? Just leave the job to us!

Carl’s Lawn Maintenance will keep your lawn looking good with a regular schedule of cutting, trimming, and clean up so you don’t have to worry about it.

Whether it’s a one-time need when you’re on vacation, or all summer long, we’ll take care of it for you


Make your soil work for you instead of against you. With proper lawn fertilizing we can make your grass grow to look greener and healthier than last year.


Your neighbors will think you truly have a green thumb! With the customized lawn fertilizing you receive from Carl's Lawn Maintenance, you will be able to come home, relax and enjoy your beautiful yard.

All applicators are state-certified licensed and trained in use of equipment.

  • Entire property is surveyed before all applications.

  • Only natural, environmentally-friendly granular feeding products used.

  • Patios, walkways and driveways will be cleaned off after the application is applied to your lawn.

  • Marking flag placed at front corner of driveway after application. Also, an informational sheet of products used and services done is hung on front door handle.

  • We will provide a written estimate for the fertilization of your lawn.


The best way to deter weeds and maintain even soil moisture to improve the health of your plants is to install a layer of mulch. It is recommended that you maintain a 2” layer of mulch every year.

Carl’s Lawn Maintenance offers you a choice of delivery only or delivery and installation on all varieties of mulch. Our two most popular types of mulch are Shredded Oak Hardwood and Red Environmental mulch. Call today for a current price quote.

Snow Removal

Carl’s Lawn Maintenance offers snow removal and salting services for commercial and residential customers. No job too big or too small. Call today for your free quote!

Fall/Spring Cleanups

Carl’s Lawn Maintenance will clean up and remove all leaves and fall debris. No job too big or too small. Call today for your free quote!


Aeration is a process of removing plugs of thatch, which have become thick from mowing through out the summer and prepares your lawn to promote and sustain healthy root growth in Spring. By opening up spaces in the soil, the soil gains air flow necessary to provide room for roots to develop and maximize the use of water and fertilization.

It is recommended that aeration be done on an annual basis. The best times of year to aerate your lawn are Spring and in early Fall.