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Make your soil work for you instead of against you. With proper lawn fertilizing we can make your grass grow to look greener and healthier than last year.


Your neighbors will think you truly have a green thumb! With the customized lawn fertilizing you receive from Carl's Lawn Maintenance, you will be able to come home, relax and enjoy your beautiful yard.

All applicators are state-certified licensed and trained in use of equipment.

  • Entire property is surveyed before all applications.

  • Only natural, environmentally-friendly granular feeding products used.

  • Patios, walkways and driveways will be cleaned off after the application is applied to your lawn.

  • Marking flag placed at front corner of driveway after application. Also, an informational sheet of products used and services done is hung on front door handle.

  • We will provide a written estimate for the fertilization of your lawn.

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